I understand some of you potential contributors/followers/supporters have a big decision to make. In 2016, it’s not easy to decide which battle to fight. Whether you’re dedicate to the fight for gender equality, Black Lives Matter, Standing Rock or any of the other valuable social movements taking place today, get involved in something.

Don’t allow yourself to become overwhelmed by choices and decide not to get involved at all.

You are needed. Especially you young women of color who have been told all your lives that your voice doesn’t matter, or your needs don’t deserve to be met, or that neither Black Lives Matter or Feminism speaks to you specifically. Get involved in both and drop whichever one doesn’t fulfill you. Email movement organizers and tell them you’re feeling conflicted about which movement to join. Call you mom and ask for her opinion. Form a book club with your lady friends and discuss it.

Get involved however you see fit, but don’t sit back outraged. Quiet rage has never encouraged a movement. Complacency has never resulted in social change.

If the biggest threat to your livelihood is a right that other people don’t even have (for example, losing your high-paying job at a university when millions of women of color are considered unemployable because college was not an option for them or they were removed from college for their true sexual assault claims) then you shouldn’t get the option to remain complacent.

If you want to get involved but don’t know the first steps, indicate interest in the comments and we’ll try to put together a list of resources for you to get involved – even if that means peripheral involvement or throwing money at the problem.