Goodfellow Hall

For as long as I’ve been employed at Peck, Goodfellow Hall has had the most unfortunate reputation. The students (randomly) housed in this Hall are the rowdiest, partiest and often-disrespectfulest undergraduate students with whom I have ever come into contact. I wondered how they all became so concentrated here, but then started looking into it: Goodfellow Hall has the highest number of transfer requests in the first three months of every new fall semester and has the highest withdrawal rate in the first two weeks of every new Spring semester, for the past seven years. This means that students arrive and immediately want to leave and those that stay have the highest instance of dropping out. This is worthy of study and I’ve requested administration to look into it and close down the hall for a year but they yell numbers at me – as in dollars lost by renting out one less dormitory hall for a year – and close the book. If the only thing deterring students from happily, healthfully and peacefully getting through their undergraduate career is dormitory facilities administered by the university itself, then something has to be done!

I’m not referring only to hard-partying undergrads, which every university in America has to mitigate. I’m also referring the predatory behaviors that undergraduate males from backgrounds of wealthy and entitlement sometimes engage in during their undergraduate studies. Of the number of students requesting transfers away from Goodfellow Hall in the first three months of every new fall semester, 89% of them are female. And of the number of students withdrawing from undergraduate studies altogether in the first two weeks of every new Spring semester, 94% are female.

Females are being systematically weeded out of undergraduate studies at Peck University while the university goes to unbelievable lengths to ensure males are coddled, encouraged, and sent out into the professional world with endless career prospects.