Merry Christmas.

If you’re concerned about the prevalence of campus sexual assault and lack of resources for the victims, the National Sexual Assault Hotline provides critical support to survivors and their loved ones all day every day. You can volunteer to provide much-needed support to these victims from the comfort of your own home after receiving training and support from experts.

If you’re concerned with the lack of respect for the black body in America, you may wish to get involved with the Black Lives Matter group that works for the validity of black lives and rebuilding the Black liberation movement in America. Black Lives Matter also has sub-chapters dedicated to female black lives and queer black lives. Check out their website to find out how to get involved with your local chapter of this idealogical and political intervention group seeking to affirm black contributions to society in the face of deadly oppression.

For those of you concerned with issues of broad women’s rights, the NOW Foundation focuses on economic justice, pay equity, racial discrimination, women’s health and body image, women with disabilities, reproductive rights and justice, and a long long list of feminist issues both nationally and globally. Whether you want to give time, resources or money, NOW needs you as they do not rely on foundation or corporate donors for support.

If your concern is primarily that of reproductive health rights for millions of under-insured, uninsured, or poorly insured American women (and men), Planned Parenthood has spent the past century transforming women’s health and empowering millions of people worldwide to make informed health decisions thanks to the support and availability of Planned Parenthood and its services.

We may have lost this election and are at an all-time threat as women, people of color, and gender non-conforming individuals, but this country is supposed to represent us as much as any other citizens. As soon as the primarily male cis-gender straight majority begins to realize that they are no longer the majority, we need to have supported systems in place to rise up and demonstrate our equity.

Don’t sit back and wait for your friends and neighbors to do it. Have you met your friends and neighbors? They’re likely waiting for you to do it.

Lack of action and inaction are stronger than action. Be active.