I thought that last post was going to be the nail in my employment coffin and it certainly was. I was not fired, per se, but I was told that suddenly my position had been absorbed into another college that didn’t need my position filled. I wasn’t offered any replacement position. And I was told that I could receive a severance package under the condition that I didn’t speak of the conditions of my employment or my having been released from my employment.

I turned it down.

My brother recommended I reach out to a law firm but the recommendation he provided was for personal injury law so they likely can’t help me much. I’m looking for some civil rights legal representation to guide me through the steps in filing a wrongful termination suit against my former employer – now I understand that this lawsuit is about me and this is for several reasons: by filing this type of suit and bringing media coverage to it, it will expose the bigger issue of sexual assault on campus and the university’s unwillingness to protect their female students from it; my name will become synonymous with civil rights for this criminally underrepresented group and make it my life’s work to represent them so that that 90% unreported number goes way down; Peck University will be held accountable for their mishandling of assault reports for decades.

If you are familiar with an attorney/practice for this type of work, if it’s you, if it’s someone you worked with, if it’s a family member – no matter who it is, please leave your recommendation in the comments. Further, I’m hopeful that we can find a young woman to take the case to further prove the point that in order for women to be successful, contributive members of society – they need to have supported educational careers. WE can’t expect women to finally take equal standing in society if they’re leaving college early due to the reality or the fear of sexual attacks.